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Characters Nearly Done!

Putt putt putt

TK has made a monk (someday to become a dervish too)!

Both TK and Jim need names and more bios for the characters, but here is the new and improved line-up:

Jim, as a lawful good curmudgeon gnome cleric, who despite his stature, reveres strength and protection.

TK, as a lawful neutral space elf monk, who may encounter many jokes regarding a mispronunciation of “dex”.

Conor, as Psycorax, the creepy little girl necromancer.

Donny, as Gaius, a Roman of many scruples.

Veronica, as Bill from Accounting, who hated his job.

And Dominic, as Holger, the half-orc barbarian who reveres wisdom (likely while scratching his ass in public).

Soon, they shall be tossed into Sirap!


Cyradis Cyradis

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