Portal to Sirap

Entry into Sirap

Psycorax, Attilius, Bill, Leebob, and Holger suddenly found themselves in the top of a tower with a dead wizard.

Captain Finn Fischer, Sergeant Harold Pines, and a dozen guards escorted the confused lot to the Sirapi Prisons until the The Royal Spirits of Sirap decided to meet with them. Johnson McNally, Liaison to the Mercenaries led them to the meeting, and a discussion was had.

The group adopted Psycorax so she wouldn’t be sent to an orphanage, and in doing so bound themselves to her life. They also pledged their service to the Royal Spirits, enlisting as mercenaries for the royals to hire. The royals wish for them to investigate connections to the Ferryman so that they can have less of a burden in their non-afterlife. Not all of the royals are so keen on this, as although it would ease their personal burden, it would also threaten the peace of the realm.

Holger wants a boat.


Cyradis Cyradis

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