Portal to Sirap

Recap of Episode 1

In which our adventurers find themselves confused

The misfit adventurers have entered Sirap, either by falling into a portal, getting pulled through, or calmly walking through like some kind of sentient machine… wait…. yeah, that happened.

They were found at the top of the Independent Wizard’s Tower with a dead wizard. Then they got arrested (kindly, since Rex did not attack) by Fischer and Pines. They sat in a cell for a little while before being taken to the High Spirits. Now they’re being shoved into the mercenary guild to avoid staying in prison, which would have to be done to avoid too much suspicion and unrest in the city.

1812 is happy to not be in prison.
Andrew is kinda an asshole, and has weird ears.
Doctor seems like a rather polite young fellow.
Hans got extremely confused by the The Royal Spirits, kneeled in an attempt to be respectful, and due to Nuul’s prank, panicked, and rolled around on the floor. Some tank he’ll be!
Jim is confusing everyone by being super scoutlike, and oblivious to everything.
Rex calmly stepped through the portal and smartly decided to not attack anyone. He is a mystery to most. The guards still think he’s a golem created by the wizards of the city.


I’ll have you know I was cowering in fear, not being respectful. There is a difference.

Recap of Episode 1
Cyradis Cyradis

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