Suspicious Potion #1

You'll heal. And feel funny.


Deep red liquid. Slightly spiced smell. Sweet.

Heals 50% of your maximum health upon consuming (unless major injuries such as a missing limb are involved).

Side-effect: drunk off your ass unless you beat a DC20 fortitude save. “Drunk off your ass” increases Str +1, Cha +1, and lowers Dex -4, Wis -4, Int -2 for an hour. After this point, you have one hour of Tipsy, and must consume non-alcoholic liquid and food to avoid Hangover.

Do not consume more than one of these potions per day.


Several decades ago a student found this recipe in a musty old book at the Wizard’s college. They began some secret experiments, thinking that the recipe would just give them a light buzz. The words “highly volatile” had been smudged out. The students were surprised when they consumed the brew and felt absolutely fantastic, until they had the worst hangover of their lives afterward.

One of the students immediately shouted “I’ll never drink again!”…. and while that was a lie, she didn’t consume the potion again for another week and a half.

The other got brewing right away, and has been brain-addled ever since.

Suspicious Potion #1

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