Portal to Sirap

Entry into Sirap

Psycorax, Attilius, Bill, Leebob, and Holger suddenly found themselves in the top of a tower with a dead wizard.

Captain Finn Fischer, Sergeant Harold Pines, and a dozen guards escorted the confused lot to the Sirapi Prisons until the The Royal Spirits of Sirap decided to meet with them. Johnson McNally, Liaison to the Mercenaries led them to the meeting, and a discussion was had.

The group adopted Psycorax so she wouldn’t be sent to an orphanage, and in doing so bound themselves to her life. They also pledged their service to the Royal Spirits, enlisting as mercenaries for the royals to hire. The royals wish for them to investigate connections to the Ferryman so that they can have less of a burden in their non-afterlife. Not all of the royals are so keen on this, as although it would ease their personal burden, it would also threaten the peace of the realm.

Holger wants a boat.

The Adventure Begins!

TK has been lost, but the fun still continues.

Veronica is illustrating the world from Bill’s PoV.

The Viking is biking here.


Characters Nearly Done!
Putt putt putt

TK has made a monk (someday to become a dervish too)!

Both TK and Jim need names and more bios for the characters, but here is the new and improved line-up:

Jim, as a lawful good curmudgeon gnome cleric, who despite his stature, reveres strength and protection.

TK, as a lawful neutral space elf monk, who may encounter many jokes regarding a mispronunciation of “dex”.

Conor, as Psycorax, the creepy little girl necromancer.

Donny, as Gaius, a Roman of many scruples.

Veronica, as Bill from Accounting, who hated his job.

And Dominic, as Holger, the half-orc barbarian who reveres wisdom (likely while scratching his ass in public).

Soon, they shall be tossed into Sirap!

Character Bios
Who the heck are you people?!

We’ve gotten a few of the adventuring group’s characters up in the Characters section. Still looking for the rest of them!

Right now, the bios and descriptions are the important part. We’ll get stats dealt with later and in-person. Who is your character? How did they get where they are at the time of portaling? What do they love? If they could have anything, what would they want? Is there anything they dislike, or hate? Get into all the juicy details!

Beginning the Wiki
Warning to New Users

I’ve begun the wiki pretty nicely. Until we start playing, how much you view will be up to you. If there is anything I want deeply hidden, it is on DM only sections. I’d recommend just starting with the House Rules and perhaps Conjuror Errol Brights pages however.
The group is now composed of a child necromancer, Roman centurion, nordic barbarian, and Bill from Accounting

Portals Beginning

I have begun writing for the Portals campaign. The idea is that the players are from many worlds, and a great wizarding accident yanked them from their home worlds and adventures and into mine – beginning at the source of the accident. They are pulled into the city state of Sirap within the empire of Namora, and will be arriving at the top of a grand tower… which is missing its top, with a dead wizard at their feet. My goal is going to be to mess with their motivations; I want to give them their greatest desire eventually and make them turn it down. How to do this? I don’t know yet. We will see how this plays out. Thus far I’ll have a Roman centurion, a child necromancer, and Bill from Accounting. This is going to get funky.

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