House Rules

Carrying items goes by general strength and common sense. If the DM sees that someone is carrying more than is plausible, he/she will implement a penalty to strength, dexterity, and movement speed.

Critical hits are followed by a d20 roll to dictate narration. This is the Badass Check.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the books within ~2mins, the DM will make up a rule on the spot to suit the purpose.

Once we roll for initiative, the order in which we take turns remains the same for that combat. The DM may lump groups of monsters together for a single initiative roll.

During someone’s turn, let that person speak and act. Don’t interrupt unless asked, or wait until they have had a chance to speak before offering input.

Experience will be awarded in percentages of a level for the sake of easy arithmetic. Non-combat encounters also have a chance to grant experience, so don’t rush through talking to people to get to battles.

Crafting items will not cost experience, but will take time, resources, and the equipment to do so. Crafting a special item might even grant experience.

What the DM says goes. Annoying characters may find themselves spontaneously combusting.

House Rules

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