Sirapi Nobility

The Sirapi noble class have residences in the City of Sirap, on the Sirapi Midriver Island, and outside of the capitol where they are the primary governors of large amounts of land. Inside the capitol, their residences are large but narrow, mansions with spires many stories high that look out and around the city. The majority of the noble families spend the summers on their outside estates and winters in the capitol. They make their money on some taxes and a vast income from the agriculture taking place on their land. The nobles were granted their titles, land, and governance by historical precedent and bloodlines. Often they are the most wealthy citizens of Sirap, but sometimes an upper class tradesman or a wizard will equal or surpass them.

They were the historical owners of the large quantities of land, although this has changed over time. Now they maintain a large portion, but more land is in the hands of individual landowner farmers and other agriculturalists. However, the governing of these lands still falls to the nobles who once owned it, and they collect small taxes from them. Additionally, conflicts among people in these lands are addressed by their corresponding noble family. If the nobles do not find a solution, the task is brought before the royal family.

Before the time of the royal curse, the noble families bickered terribly over the throne or over land boundaries between their domains. Civil wars had broken out several times. However, once the throne became undesirable, tensions have eased vastly. Nobles do not tend to squabble over their borders, and do not reach for the throne. Marriages into the royal family are necessary, so arranged marriages between nobles and royals of similar demeanor are not uncommon. It is viewed as an honor and a sacrifice by both parties involved. The nobles only take minor offense when a royal marries outside of the noble class.

Some of the nobles are loved by their people, and others are hated. Many are viewed with indifference.

Not all of the state of Sirap is controlled by the royals and the nobles. There are several elven territories within it, which are officially part of Sirap but apart from the royal line. Halfling nomadic tribes wander through the lands and stop for only up to a few months at a time in any one place, besides the ones residing in the capitol.

Significant Nobles


Sirapi Nobility

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