The Necromancers

The necromancers have been social outcasts for hundreds of years now. Although they are not banished, they are far from welcome ever since the curse was cast upon the royal family, despite the wizards’ return. Since their breaking from the wizard universities, the arcane and divine necromancers have intermingled freely.

They have an unmarked base on the outskirts of town, and a quiet practitioner within each city. They work with the cemetery clerics with maintaining the graveyards, and on rare occasions will help a citizen (one unafraid of breaking taboos) contact a beloved dead relative.

Usually necromancers will have a second profession to blend in with the common folk, if they are not practitioners in the base. In this second profession, a necromancer may unknown be part of the trader’s guild. Practitioners will take novices, but their organization is much looser than that of the wizards.

The wizards view the necromancers as both a mark of shame and of necessity. To banish them would cause too many issues, but their actions with the curse make them difficult to approach. The most interaction they have in general is to send a student their way.

While the wizards are on neutral grounds with the necromancers, they are viewed with distinct distrust from the royals, with very few exceptions.

Noteworthy Necromancers:


The Necromancers

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