The Royal Family and Current Spirits

The current royal Desirap spirits are Reginald IV and Ronald III, and their wives Rosaline and Lucile, respectively.

Reginald IV was the first to die and usher in their generation, at age 70. He has been a high spirit for 20 years. He is known as eminently fair, but is becoming jaded to the job. He rarely takes part in the daily goings-on of the state anymore. Rosaline died 5 years after Reginald, at age 74. She has ruled for 15 years. She uses her tasks as a royal a bit too persistently, and will bring in any peasant with a problem to rule on. It is said that this keeps her from fading, although it may just be her kindness towards the people. They have two children, Charles and Amanda, who are married to Liera and Marshall respectively. Charles and Liera have two daughters, Harmony and Grace. Harmony had one child out of wedlock at age 17 ( Percival) but later married his father George and had two more children ( Lily and Travis). Grace is of similar age to her aunt Serah, and both are trained, unmarried bards. Grace has taken both male and female lovers in the past. Amanda and Marshall have a single child, Catharine who is married to Sir Alfred (formerly of the mercenaries). They have two children, Samantha and Oscar. Oscar is known well in the pubs, engaging with both men and women freely, but he seems unlikely to have any lasting relationships.

Ronald was dead at age 80, and has ruled for 13 years. His wife Lucile followed also at age 80, and has ruled for 10 years. Both of them take part in the tasks of ruling, but are neither as active as Rosaline or as jaded as Reginald. Their daughter Serah is both a source of pride for them, and a sadness. Serah is an accomplished bard, and has traveled the land extensively. Although they would be sad to bring the curse upon more generations, it also saddens them to know that Serah will never have children and has gone unwed. They know that Serah has a female partner, and rejoice in that.

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The Royal Family and Current Spirits

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