The Royal Spirits of Sirap

The highest rulers in Sirap are the recent dead of the royal line. Other states within the continent of Namora view them with respect and fear, as Sirap has become largely untouchable to hostile forces.

The empire is run as a necrocracy, with the ghosts of the fallen royal line in charge. Other noble lineage is not part of this, unless they are within a direct marriage. The spirit rulers are bound as kings or queens to their state, and even begin to experience weakness when outside the confines of their palace and moreso outside the city. Each generation rules until the next generation dies too – so a son and a daughter and their spouses will all be fallen rulers until at least one of their children dies. If a child dies before the parents, they join the previous generation until their parents rule. Afterward, the usual afterlife or reincarnation is granted to the rulers. Royalty is determined by either blood or marriage, so an illegitimate child will be a royal while their unmarried parent will not be. It is expected for the partner joining the royal family to take the last name Desirap, regardless of gender. Every member of both the living and dead in the royal family has a home in the royal palace.

Being a royal is both a great boon and a curse. They are granted exquisite lives, and rarely are involved in the petty politics of the surrounding nobles. They form close friendships within many social classes during life and have the resources to experience the world. However, their deaths and ruling are seen as a curse, due to the imprisonment of being an easily faded ghost. Marriages into the royal line are necessary, and often seen as a sacrifice on the part of the noble to enter the royal family. A noble who has committed a forgivable wrong-doing among many good deeds might be “adopted” by the royal family as both an honor and a punishment.

The system was created by the wizards centuries ago to prevent nobles from warring over domains. If no one wished to become king, no one would fight for it. Of course, political battles may be fought in other ways, but major disturbances have been rare.

Rulers tend to be outstandingly fair due to their freedom during life. They understand the needs of their people thoroughly. However, as they go through time as a ghost, often they become jaded and sad. They start to retreat, waiting for their time to pass. This is when the nobles and the wizards become antsy, for the only way to seat a new noble on the spirit throne is to kill a descendant, but to do so reveals themselves as traitors since that new ruler would continue after death. Wise royal children will reappear in the political scene, but if they don’t, society may falter. Or, the nobles will try to assert dominance (or as much dominance as can be done without becoming a royal).

The royal spirits are revered for their fairness, but they are also granted an outstanding protection for Sirap. They alone have the ability to summon the dead of their domain from their graves as an army in times of need. If chosen, they can use this ability on smaller scales to settle debates, but this has rarely been necessary. They can communicate over distance with their undead armies, and therefore can defend their land easily. Once a threat is neutralized, the army returns to their rests. The living army of Sirap is incredibly small, but well trained. Those who are part of the living army are prized for as they are talented in life, they will also be talented in death.

Wizards are viewed by the royals as necessary for the state, but there is a small lingering grudge for the initial curse.

The Royal Spirits of Sirap

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