The Trader's Guild

The trader’s guild also spans all around Namora, however, each branch tends to be quite separate. In Sirap, the traders were once just merchants that dealt with imports and exports, but now represent a broader range of professionals. Craftsmen, traders, caravan masters, builders, merchants, and others find themselves part of the trader’s guild. Farmers and fishermen are often uninterested in the guild, but vintners join eagerly.

Guild members typically grant discounted prices to each other for business transactions but not personal transactions. They do not discriminate between common folk and nobles, although stature within the guild is strongly influenced by class.

The trader’s guild relies heavily upon the mercenary guild, as that is the group from which they hire their guards. Some traders will hire independent security, but unless they have someone trustworthy, outside sources are viewed as a high risk.

The guild collects a flat yearly fee from members based on the size of their business. Additionally, there are many merchants without shops who deal exclusively with the guild to control the ebb and flow of goods within Sirap. In a year with less grain in the state, these merchants will cross nations to bring grain in, to be sold at a high price. Conversely, in years with large quantities, they will export their goods instead. Although they have never explicitly told merchants or producers to halt their trade, they have the ability to increase or diminish prices in the realm. Most merchants within the Sparrow District, many within the Cobblepath District and Tinsel Town are members, but nearly none in the Breadbasket or the Fish Market.

To the leaders of the trader’s guild, the scallywags are viewed as the blight. However, many members are members of the scallywags in some form or another.

Important People and Businesses in the Trader’s Guild

The Trader's Guild

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