The Wizards

The wizards of Namora are essentially a second noble class, although much smaller than the true nobility. Each state has at least one wizarding university, but their size is small considering how influential they are.

Each senior wizard will only have up to three novices to train at a time. each novice stays until they are removed from study by their senior, until they are unable to continue due to the pressure of their studies, until they die of an accident with magic, or until they graduate which may take up to ten years. Novices start young, as the wizards seek children with magical gifts avidly. A child may be recruited as young as five years old, and placed in a magical youth school until age twelve, at which point they can become a novice. If kicked out or they leave, it is possible for a wizard to still practice magic alone, but they often are viewed with hesitation for their failures.

A successful wizard graduate is often hired by the nobles or wealthy merchants as an adviser, might go into their own business as a wizard for hire, could travel, or a vast many things. Most independent wizards reside in the Independent Wizard’s Tower. Only after ten successful years alone is a wizard allowed to reenter the university as a senior, and must be voted in by the other seniors with at least three quarters of the vote in their favor.

It was a group of senior wizards and well renowned noble adviser wizards long ago who chose to bind the royals to their station through death. Although it was deemed necessary, it also rattled many of the wizards and nobles to the point that necromancy is no longer practiced commonly. Children and novices with an inclination towards necromancy are quietly removed from the schools and sent to the necromancer’s guild outside of the city for training, but practitioners are few and students fewer. In this manner, the wizards don’t garner the hatred of their previous brethren, but the populace does not view them. Still, the necromancers account for not even five percent of the wizards.

After the royal curse was cast, the wizards retreated from the capitol in Sirap (Sirap City) and major cities for several decades, as the royals, nobles, and commoners had a sudden fear towards the previously benevolent power. During a difficult hostile invasion, the wizards returned into the public as an ally, becoming the tipping point to stop the invaders. Although wizards returned to their universities at this time, the necromancers decided to remain along the edges of society instead of be in the spotlight.

Clerics involved with magic are close allies to the wizarding groups, and temples to mystical gods such as Boccob are typically located near or even within a wizarding university. A temple to Osiris, Wee Jas, and/or The Jackal is always associated with a cemetery and located on the edge of a city. Although it is not loudly announced, they are in close association with the necromancers.

Current leadership among the wizards within Sirap City includes the following wizards:

Lorelei Stargazer

Other noteworthy wizards:

Conjuror Errol Brights

The Wizards

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