Druidess Norma

Norma is a quiet and lean woman who tends Lady Lizbet’s Gardens. As a druid, she keeps an animal companion, however, instead of a fierce creature, she is followed by a squirrel (Shermin). She is inquisitive regarding oddities in nature, and took interest in the new fellow, Andrew, who she passed druidic wisdom to.

Her focus as a druid is on plant and weather magic. Should there be a drought, she can bring more water to the gardens. Plants are all healthy with her tending to their care, and pests rarely overtake them.

Although she prepares the garden for festivities, she does not tend to partake. She and her squirrel retire to their cottage on the edge of the property, have tea, and relax with herbology books. She hopes to write a revision in the near future.

She was quite startled when Andrew’s animal companion turned out to be a wolverine.

Druidess Norma

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