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This campaign is run on D&D 3.5 rules, mixed with associated rules and homebrewed rules, and is led by Dungeon Master Cyradis. The setting is in a relatively peaceful necrocratic society, where my adventurers have been dumped through portals gone wrong.

The group will need to navigate their way through the politics of what seems to be a peaceful realm, aid the people, and perhaps even take on some dark gods of death. And they can get loot in the process.

Who are we kidding? This is D&D. Everything will probably get lit on fire.

THIS CAMPAIGN IS GETTING RELAUNCHED! Bryan, Urban, Eitan, Becky, Will, Chris, and Cale are our new brave adventurers. Or unfortunate. Muahahaha.

The Cast:

Becky as Null of Ness, a puckwudgie from Scotland. She’s seen a lot over many centuries, and done many things. Sometimes she’s good. Sometimes she’s bad. Her song is certainly motivating…. for something.

Bryan as Andrew Jons, a furry from Wisconsin, who discovers he actually is a druid. General jack-ass. Punk ass little bitch.

Cale as Hans Jushans, a Swiss Guard and Catholic zealot. He’s a paladin, scared of ghosts, and very interested in saving everyone from their wicked Pagan ways.

Chris as 1812, a prisoner from another galaxy. He was a space pirate, got caught, and mind-wiped. Just his good fortune to get out of prison by being sent to another universe. His abilities as a rogue once failed him; maybe they’ll be better with his new friends.

Eitan as Rex, or, RX1729, a spellbot from Machina. He has a fondness for number theory, and doesn’t really know what to do besides computations now that his comrades have been destroyed. He’s quite good with magic and math.

Urban as Jim T. Jameson, an alien who crash landed a few decades ago. He now thinks he is a Scoutmaster. Outside of the forests and deserts he’s roamed, and the Scoutmaster handbook, he’s somewhat clueless. Fortunately, that makes him a pretty good ranger.

And… Will as Doctor Orpheus. Doctor is indeed his name. He’s the child of goth parents from Lawrence, Kansas, and became a fan of St. Cuthbert by reading their Dungeons & Dragons manuals. Now that he’s on Namora, he actually is a cleric for St. Cuthbert.

Home Page

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